I wonder if I could use this to create blog entries what I prefer typing or enter or voice command it’s interesting space. I hope that didn’t work well so it’s fun to play in test so here I am testing on my blog recently I recently uploaded a program to my mom’s computer so that she could do voice act I can remember the first time I learn about all timers it scared the shit out of me and now it continues to scare me every time I forget something I think oh my God could be as we learn the things we are taught can sometimes scare us or leave us in a direction to try to not experience something or to know that whatever experience comes our way will be so I wonder why the voice activation seems to not be able to keep up with my voice I get a beep and then it stops and I press the microphone again these little handheld devices and computers have amaze me from day one I was lucky to receive Macintosh early in my life I have 11 hate relationship with them now on one hand I was want to figure out what all I can use them for on another hand I would like to go for six months without touching a device but then string thing about that is there’s a device and everything whether that’s a car phone I microwave or refrigerator there seems to be little computers here there and everywhere whether it’s a chip in your dog it’s so interesting I friend from high school sales home go sit down Sheba it’s fall now and October which to me is one of my favorites the trees are changing perfect weather sadness comes in a little bit to be reminded that soon the trees will be gray dreary and cold and I will long for the spring days fallen OK so let’s start this more do I preferred over do I create as I go do I fix back how is it the best work with something like an audio program I just don’t know at this point in my life that I like this I do sometimes like it to send a text or send an email rather than use my thumbs I can be pretty fast when it comes to typing with my thumbs so I wonder how you do so if I say the word space then it doesn’t work so I guess it doesn’t recognize that. Now about this erase return nope that doesn’t work either so I wonder what how it would work what’s the best way hey how are you if she’s pretty good

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