Seasons of change.  

Fall one of my favorites.   Perfect days.  Not too hot not too cold.  The smell in the air warms my heart. My mind and body feel a need to take it all in with all of my senses. Soon the cold and gray will come. Those changes are hard for my. I must find a way to embrace that season.  With that season comes thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays.  Chru and u used to slip away the Wednesday before thanks giving to eureka springs.   They were magical escapes. We would close our books and enjoy the quite peace of such a unique place.   We have been pleased to have many amazing experiences.  Where we close are books and minds and embrace the moments right in front of us.  Europe.  Meeting Monica.  Giving birth to renee and Gigi.  Hiking the buffalo.  Devils den.  White rock cabins    Weddings.  Funerals.  Too many of those over the last year.   Being present in the moment continues to be difficult for me.  We seem to often be thinking of the next moment.  Sometimes fear of what’s to come paralyses me. I want fear of what’s to come to motivate me.  For the future will happen the way it is meant to be. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.  

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