Years ago I blogged about me corkscrew back.  Once again the corkscrew visits.  Seems to be in my lower spine.  Feels as though someone is at moments slowly turning the screw.  The pains radiate hear there and everywhere.  Some moments it’s my feet, some my shoulder, some my eyes,  right outside fingers.  So far I maintain by doing a variety of lamaza breathing. Yoga.  Epsom soaks. You name it I have tried it.  Meditation. Massage. Acupuncture. Ezcersise.  Steroid shots.  Just haven’t found the right them of life to help ensure the stresses to my body and mind that produce a variety of issues for me.  Going to go soak for a bit.  Listen to some Nina Simone  and let the toxins, stressed melt away until I can get up and walk without wincing at each step.  If you see me walking stretching here there and everywhere I am just working out some stuff.   

I should probably go for training with aunt dawn because once agin my 102 grandmother seems to be in better physical shape then me.  

Go grandma go 

Go aunt dawn go. 

We are all so lucky to have grandma stowe in our lives.  I am so thankful that dawn has been able to do so much for grandma.  

We do what we can. But often we are running around in so many different directions that it is hard to fit all we want to do.  

Reality tells me we should enjoy as many moments with grandma as we can.  For when she is no longer with us we will be  would’ve, could’ve should’ves’.    

We will visit grandma before we go to chris first born daughter Monica!  

Love ya bye 

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