Hello darkness my old friend. 

As winter begins to be felt here in my bones. I will miss the days of more light.  Will we hibernate like the bears or explore like the elks. 

Some years the winter is a great time to reflect others is a time to find new adventures.   

I feel like this winter will come with lots of reflection and some new adventures.  

At points our whole family wants to head out on an outward bound adventure.   Maybe I will start saving and training for that. 

Our minds and bodies must train for the adventures in our life. 

My mind has been very occupied this year with lots of changes 

Work changes.  Famiky dynamic changes to many of the family units we consider family. 

Redefining who is our family andlearning  how to grow our relationships so that we can maintain and continue our relationships with the ones we love. 

I do believe relationships can have good moments and bad moments. But I hope to have more pleasant experiences with the ones around me and the ones I love.   

So my debate today is do we plow off chores and go to the woods.  Could we pull it off or will it be too much going for us.  Will we come back rested and rejuvenated?  Or tired and exhausted to face school and work.  

Should we do what we want to do or do what we need to do?   

I think I am afraid I am holding our family back due to my limitations.  

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