Sar’s common words

“you have a right to change your mind”

“when the student is ready, the teacher appears”

“would of, could have, should have”

“my children will hear my quiet words, as much as they hear my loud words”

“spell patience!  spell why?  spell i want to know why i have to give you my phone?” spell whose phone is it?”

“you know why your family installs your buttons, because they installed them”

“serenity prayer”

“see the what you want”

“sell me your idea”

“one percent rule”

“look up!”

“love ya bye”

“laid back 09”

“why do we watch football?”


“more good then bad”

“never say never”

“concentrate on your heartbeat.  i have two beating inside me. now i have one inside me, and many more beating out side of me”

“a mind that is stretched by an experience can never return to it’s original dimensions”





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