Sunday Funday!

sunday funday.  can be so many different things.  to me at different times. it means different things.  for today, it’s resting and relaxing, cleaning organizing, planning and dreaming of what’s to come.   whose list do we work off.  my list my husbands, my childrens.  what are the goals for the day.   what gets me the best version of myself.  a commong theme is that i often feel that their is not enough time in a day to do all the things i want to do.   and i set out on a day hoping to accomplish so much.  then other issues or things come up and the original plans get moved to another day.   yesterday, i was able to do what i wanted with little feelings of guilt.  this is not so common for me.  i often think of what i should be doing.  knowing that sometimes doing nothing is as important as doing something.   so far we have watched a facinating docummentary suggested by a friend.   registered one child for testing.  discussed some things that we tend to struggle to discuss.  helped girls move furniture.  make fun plans.  discuss some of things we want to accomplish today.  not surprizing everyone in our family have a different goal for today and spring break.   it will be interesting to see what we accomplish.  my hope is moments of rest, relaxation and some communication to reach some common goals.   look up.  we all must learn to look up again.  look up from screens, connect with those around us.  see the good around us.  see the positive and see what good will come to us today, tomorrow and to infinity and beyond.   l

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