Scrivener and Dropbox

Scrivener and Dropbox
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I began blogging when he girls were little and Jordan was living with us. I truly enjoyed blogging. It was my online journaling. For several years I blogged then apple and life got in the way. Apple changed their blog software. I didn’t transition over. And focused on other things. Somewhere along the way I had gone to a great conference on interactive media. I was blown away. Learned so much and wanted to implement so much. Upon return I was deflated when everyone around me said that’s not what we should do. So like always I listens to them and didn’t push my ideas and options and focused on what those around me felt were what we should focus on. So as we stop printing after attempting to implement something now that would have been what I was working towards then. I know we jumped on the train too late. Maybe we had too many trains. Maybe we didn’t have the right conductors engineers or coal to make the train move. So what do I do now. Jump on different train. Sit on train and ride for a while. Envision where I want my train in a year or two or five years.

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