In the morning I take tome to stretch and read some news. Or other random stuff. I try to keep it well rounded. American news other countries news some time hop some social media. Even an onion article here and there. Sometimes I get frustrated when I am ready something only to find that it’s a joke. I guess that’s good. It reminds me to consider the source. As our world changes in so many ways I am reminded of the ethics discussion at the interactive media conference. Many of the things discussed are playing out. Some good some made. Social media has caused political uprising that have taken over dictator regimes. Maybe to have another dictator take its place. I’m sure it has mobilized terrorists. But at times it has motivated many to know they are not alone in whatever they are thinking no matter where they are.

Though I am not happy to find that other countries interfered in our elections. On one hand it surprises me on the other hand it does not. I am still frustrated that we didn’t jump on some of the concepts and ideas that I learned. I do find some comfort knowing they were not using our systems to manipulate our countries people. We all know our paper has been a product for a big portion of our population. Though advertisers over the years choose to not spend to reach these populations. We know they were missing out on some populations. And choosing more expensive advertising options to reach them. So as our product disappears, other products may replace or reach them other ways.

I do wonder how long we should keep this rack company. Will it have any benefits or will it just wear us down like the paper did. What will become of the stickers. It is a bit frustrating that chris and is work continues to undervalued at times. We don’t feel we have the freedom to do whatever we want. Whereas those around us seem to have the freedom to do just that. Though in the last discussions our pieces fall under our corporations but other pieces do not. Once again surprising. Life continues to surprise me.

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