#Faroutstars to kya


Watching the other Sera this morning, I am reminded of the old Sarah that I used to be. Speaking my truths standing up when others couldn’t. Saying so many swear words that my boyfriend said “it sounds so wrong coming from someone so sweet”. Now I probably followed that quote with a quote of my own with my favorite swear word that I used a bit too much at the time. But I thought oh he thinks I’m sweet! Out of respect for him myself and others, I have silenced or refrained from using my expletives over and over. Though it doesn’t mean they are silent. They are always there. Though they may not be spoken. In some settings they are spoken more loosely. In moments when I don’t feel I have to be so guarded and worried about what others think. Truth of the matter is I enjoyed saying whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and thought if others have issues with my words that is their issue. To some degree I still feel that way. Though over time I have come to realize that wise wisdom that the more one knows the quieter they become.

Swear words are beautiful. Powerful creations. Just like me. Similar to the ways in which I used them in my youth. For me they helped describe define or deflect many many things. They helped me emphasize understand and believe that I had a place to explore this world in whatever way I wanted while using whatever words I chose to use. Words do have power. Once spoken they are hard to remove from the air. Once written they are hard to erase from the page or digital world. They are all important. They all have value. Some moments they can release so much for so many. As I listen to this young women who has inspired me and our daughters, I see my friend. Though years pass and we connect in disjointed random moments. A true gift is when Time stands still between friends. My friend will forever be my friend who helped me embrace one of my favorite words. As that word has been used more and more openly I will always think of her. Wether it’s our president a sitcoms our children their friends our friends me I will always be taken back to those glorious days of my youth. When I embraced the word and my own special private parts. As my child sees Jackie on the renewed Roseanne wearing a pink crocheted hat and she says “I don’t like those hats”. I hope and pray that some day she embraces the word and her own special parts they represent to say it, enjoy it, embrace it, pleasure it, protect it, celebrate it and when you stand for yourself others and the world that it is a true part of who you are and makes you the special person you are! Go women go! Go men go! We are all FarOutStars embracing our own special parts to deal with this life that can sometimes be full of shiate!

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