When I was pregnant with Gigi I watched March of the penguins. So beautiful. So amazing. One of my friends said she watched it when she was pregnant and found it to be sad. I could relate. Being blessed with being pregnant and watching and learning about the life cycle of penguins. Fascinating daunting and pure. As I struggle to sleep I found March of the penguins two. I began watching earlier and was probably awake to see about three minutes. But then something woke me again and I am watching again. In between moments I pray. Pray for my friend who is struggling. And pray for his mother as she prepares for a fight to help him find a way past the struggles he has. Penguins and life can be so heartbreaking. First fight with survival. Just the first of many to come. Knowing my friend has been struggling and must continue to fight to survive. Lots of should have could have would halves. I have felt these feelings before. And know I will feel them again. I hope and pray I will have the chance to visit with my friend again. To tell him I love him. I pray his body can withstand the fight he is in now. I hope he remains a star here on earth for many many more years. I am not ready for him to not be here. I know there is more goodness for him.

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