Chicago chicago.

As I settle in with a Shirley MacLaine and a great bartender, I reminisce. This place was the place of my birth. This place was my home. A home I don’t recall. I have often wondered what was life-like for our family in the Oak Park home. I have heard the stories. I have seen the home. I have known those who loved us during that time. Then my family choose to pack it up and move forward.

My love for Chicago reminds me of our girls love for New Orleans. Though we have never lived there, we know what it means to miss New Orleans.

The mystery of my birth and my beginnings has been more present in my mind in recent years.

As our life transitions for many reasons, I find myself reflecting on the past and attempting to envision what I want for the next journey in my life.

Our family business is transitioning. This transition has brought many stresses and emotions. Some wonder if this stress is what has triggered my interest in my beginnings. Others encourage me to not be afraid of truth. They explain that knowing the truth can be liberating. With theses transitions, I seem to struggle with where to put my energy. IE: Into myself, into our girls into Chris and I’s relationship, into managing the transition of our family business, into finding the right job, into being a more present mother at home or into new business. So many options.

When I was younger, I didn’t want to work at our family business. I thought I would have a career then return to our family business as our parents got older. It seems to be happening in reverse. My dad’s illness brought me into the family business earlier then later. Though I really have been in it from the beginning. The first phone I answered was the Star Shopper phone.

For over twenty years I have put a lot of energy into managing our family business. It has afforded me with many opportunities. We continue to offer some of our services to our community. For now, Chris and I have taken the responsibility of continuing these services. Though we are not publishing anymore the multitude of transitions and services have continued to fill our time.

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