As we move about our worlds. People continue to surprise me delight me and piss me off.

This morning I stepped out of my room to stretch and begin to wake for my day. Since I didn’t want to wake my people, I choose to do yoga here there and everywhere.

I happened to be in a space with about six executive men waiting on an uber to get them to the airport so that they could fly off for their day.

Because I was in earshot I could hear their inappropriate phrases about me. In appropriate sexual references, followed by just go out and run why don’t you. As if my private sensitive special places would appreciate their rude condescending egotistical attitude. Instead I continued my practice of peaceful meditation trying to remind myself that I can only be in charge of my emotions and the way in which others comments or behavior affects us. If I were PINK or BETTE, with their balls of steel, or their class of character, I may have walked over to say may the women you love have the voice to say “My precious jewels will not be put down by pricks like you”. GIRLS RULE THIS WORLD!!!!#faroutstars

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