Fifty things about the Whitehead triplets

1. They are all taller than me. I wish I had two of their inches.

2. Each one has always been kind in all of my interactions with them.

3. When I am speaking with ted or Phil. I am consciously trying to remember which one it is depending on the setting. I am thankful that I always know who I am speaking with when speaking with Ruth!

4. Over the years I have met many Whiteheads. All of my interactions with the Whitehead’s have been positive. Many moons ago Ruth and I grew closer due to a wonderful group of women. Our poker group has been a wonderful group of women. One being Ruth. Over the years our group evolves doing what we can to support laugh and learn from each other. Some day I am confident we will actually play a round or two of poker! If I were a gambler, I would bet Ruth could run the table and take home all the chips.

4. Though I don’t know all of the triplets children. I enjoy hearing what’s going on in their worlds when I get the opportunity.

5. Thank you Gwen for bringing the triplets to us all. A gift you gave to your triplets I sometimes reflect on is their beds to fit them.

6. Many traditions in the Whitehead’s worlds sound so beautiful. Like Sunday dinners. Whenever I drive past their home, I may say a prayer or send positive energy their way, knowing that their positive energy and prayers have moved through Northwest Arkansas for years and will continue to move through NWA for many more.

7. Even though they literally have to talk down to me. I have never felt talked down to in the figurative meaning by them. They are all so knowledgeable in their worlds.

8. I look forward to someday hearing Ruth speak Spanish.

9. I love that the Whitehead’s would appreciate that I worked on a list about them even if I could only get through nine due to my procrastination and last-minute idea.

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