Who what where why when.

Talley. crawfish boil. Coffee shop. Why not. Yesterday.

We had two crawfish boils to attend yesterday. Jordans and Emery’s.

A bit cold for crawfish.

I was so happy to see where Jordan lives and meet his friends. He is such a wonderful young man. Every time I get to hang out or visit with him. I want to hang more. I feel this weird feeling of trying to to impose ourselves in his life. I imagine it’s might be how my mom has always explained not wanting to intrude in her children’s lives unless invited. Though I feel a sadness that my mom lives around the corner and we barely see her. So on one hand yes it’s great that she doesn’t show up everyday. But every once in awhile she could stop by. Especially when she drives by when we are on the street. I know she is such a focused driver but it is pretty funny when she drives by the street gang and doesn’t even wave. I feel guilt that she may feel the same way about us living so close and rarely stopping by. I know someday I will regret not spending more time to know and love her. It seems to be a common theme. Looking back thinking I should have spent more time with …. before their was no time to share with them because they passed. Should have could have would have.

Kyle rode with us to Rogers. More time with Kyle brings more love for him. On our way there he turned off the radio and said you know what I like to listen to is nothing on the radio. On my deathbed I want to remember the conversations. What a powerful reminder. Who knew Kyle was so smart. Though he shocked the shit out of me when I was a young girl. I can probably still blush thinking of his watch. I was so naive and modest. I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to think of this powerful force. One of the greatest gifts I have found are these friendships that have been for almost more then half of my life. Knowing each other in our younger days and now knowing and loving each other’s families. Chris working with will today was so precious and reminded me of how much patience he has with teaching others what he loves. Like fishing and handyman stuff. The things I know he learned from Pawpaw. Both Farnet men are pretty special.

This American Life go ask your father.

A weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme.
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What’s it really matter. Absolutely nothing? Say it again!!???

Probably not the best thing to listen to right before bed. Don’t be like Abe?! Read to bed. Don’t rely on crutches to help you go to bed. Now that I have listened to this. I will head to bed and read wrinkle in time. I do hope to read the book before seeing the movie. I have heard the movie isn’t that good. I am enjoying the book. So I am sure I will enjoy the movie.




CBS Sunday morning always has some great news. It’s my show that makes me laugh and cry. Many of the stories help me see some of the hope and joy that are here there and everywhere. It’s sometimes the only show that chris and I can actually sit together and watch. It was going to well I thought maybe we could get a movie in today as well. So I bought coco. Now I sit alone enjoying it. It’s ssoooo sweet. Remember me is a beautiful song.

As my thoughts continue to surround those that are no longer here. Coco resonates with my thoughts.

As I begin the month of SAPRIL, I will take some tome to remember ME. My goal is to reconnect with many. As I explore and determine where to put my energy at this point in my life. What will the season of SAPRIL bring to this #faroutstars.


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