Qui plus sait, plus se tuit

The more a man knows, the less he talks. I have found this to be true. I often don’t speak when I should. Sometimes I speak when I shouldn’t. The balance of listening and talking is often a challenge. When I listen, I want to speak too. I often feel like others don’t want to hear what I have to contribute or think about thoughts or ideas that I have. So I speak less and less. While inside, I am struggling to find my voice again. To be heard trusted, respected, valued and loved. So is it my thoughts and words or is it more related to how I see myself in my life and relationships. So I am rebuilding myself. Rebuilding my relationships and determining where to put my energy at this point in my life. During this season of transition and growth , I have a strong desire to quiet the noise and find my hopes and dreams again. Knowing that everything happening will be different in a month from now six months from now a year from now and so on. When I look back, I want to know that I spent time on me focusing on what my hopes and dreams are so that I can help support my loved ones around me to dream big.

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