What is a Mother

As mother’s day approaches, it brings mixed emotions to me for many reasons.  Many, Many, Many moons ago I was adopted.  I have known I was adopted as long as I can remember.  It was and is a big piece of my identity.  Once I learned about nature versus nurture, it became a big piece of my puzzle.  Attempting to understand what was I getting from nurture and what I got from nature.   These things I think led me to the world of Social Work.  fascinated my families and people and what makes them function.  As I have said all families are dysfunctional, they are all functioning the best they can.  Mine was no different from others.  Ups, downs and all arounds!   Which is the constant theme of life.  Their will always be peaks and valleys.

As this mothers day approaches, I am focusing more and more on myself and what I want out of life.   What do I hope to achieve as a mother.  What will our girls get from us? The good, the bad and the ugly?  They will get it all and they will have their own good, bad and ugly.  That’s what life is about.  Finding our way through the ups downs and all arounds.

It’s been 20 years since my dad died on the early hours of the day after Mother’s Day.


Mother_Twins_Layout 1








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