Goodermans AKA Gundermans

When we moved to Centerwood from Crestwood, I often questioned the move.  We loved the mountain and our neighbors.  Though I long to be in the woods, I guess living on a street with wood meets our needs best as our children grow.   When we moved to Centerwood, I didn’t like the house so much that when I drove a good friend by and pointed she said “no way are you driving by my house and not showing me the inside”.   So over the years, we have made it our home.  I really only wanted to be there until our girls got to be teenagers,  we looked at moving south before they went to high school.  We considered a variety of homes in Northwest Arkansas.   Though the whole family could never decide to leave the street!  Renee loves the only home she remembers,  Gigi was okay with idea of moving once she determined she could drive soon, Chris said we were the only fools that would buy our house.  So we stayed. partly because we could never agree on things and we are tight.  Too tight to spend money on the house, too tight to take on a bigger mortgage, too connected to the street and those we love on the street!   The Gundermans were the first to move to this special piece of the street.    It probably took us a while to actually get to know them.  Like many in life, the Farnets are here, there and everywhere.

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