Love wins. Be kind.

Our conversation with our girls has recently included lots of information about being surprised by the way in which others hurt each other. Discussions of friends who have determined that they are trans but fear how their family will respond. For example they will be sent to places to pray the gay/sin away. Or others who don’t want to sit at the same table of another friend who is out as gay. Explaining that it is a sin. As our children grow, they must figure out the world around them. What they will stand for and what they won’t let occur. We know they are sensitive souls like Chris and I. People love passionately. People do their best to protect their loved ones. Protection of others is a natural response in life. Though we must sometimes focus on ourselves for our own self-preservation. Sometimes others behavior/act of protection causes other issues. Life is full of stuff. Everybody makes mistakes. We have been blessed to be loved by many and to love many. My hope is that our children will know love. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. At times it can be more that we can understand. Love can be the thing that helps give us strength to carry on when life throws tough stuff at you. Like everything in life. Love ebbs and flows forever! It sometimes takes us to our knees to pray or causes us to hurt deep inside our soul. Our faith and force must shine bright during these times. For all the times, I have been unkind or passed judgment, please forgive me. For all the future times my actions will push the buttons of the ones that I love or those I don’t even know to love. Please accept my sincere apologizes. For I will continue to fail and do my best to try again and again. My intentions and behavior are often misjudged by those around me. And my buttons are pushed at times I least expect it. My emotions run close to the surface. Sometimes closer than at other times. For years, I have been taught to hide them, stuff them, deny them, ignore them. As I attempt to find the strength and support to lean in to these emotions, please forgive me if my emotions cause you discomfort. Maybe we all need to lean into the emotions that helps understand that all humans are processing lots of information all of the time. May we all be the best we can be most of the time. But as my favorite Dr wrote “kid you will succeed, except when you don’t …..

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