Volunteering Roots Festival 2018

I stepped away from my post for a moment. I needed a bathroom break. My friend said they would cover it. Turns out his uber showed up and he abandoned my post. Therefore my post was unmanned for about ten minutes. When I returned, I got reamed. She said many people got in while I was gone in. Which is interesting since I had not had one person attempt to enter without a wristband. I felt bad. My mind began worrying. Will I be banned from volunteering. I hope not. Since I did enjoy volunteering. Not sure I apologized to her for abandoning the post to go to bathroom and grab my drink. Got stuck visiting. I was probably gone a total of fifteen minutes.therootsfest.org/volunteer-2

Mistake made. Let it go? Should I find others and apologize? Go to volunteers booth apologize. Reach out to Melissa, Maria, the Hembrees or let it go? therootsfest.org



I saw Marci and apologized to her. Then I met Bernice Hembree explained what happened and apologized. I also complimented her on her young daughters behavior.


While I was admiring all of the Roots Festival Swag, I visited with the Hembree’s daughter.  She was informative and delightful to talk with about the Roots Festival and Thadden school.    The children volunteering at the roots festival were fantastic.   I saw no phone activity while there were working their posts.  I can’t say I didn’t look to my phone at moments of boredom.  A young boy that basically was busing the Fayetteville Town Center.  His attitude and energy was so impressive.   I kept bragging on his work. Eventually I realized that I knew his dad.   Not surprising his dad is very polite, very kind and very impressive in the work that he does with Theater Squared.   I look forward to seeing him next week at the TS2 event so that I can brag on his sons behavior and work ethic.

These children are getting it: Getting experiences, getting work ethic, getting life experience that will last a lifetime.   Seeing these children makes me wish that I had forced Gigi to come volunteer.  Often I allow our kids to make decisions for themselves. As we get closer to a time when we won’t be able to control some choices and decisions that they make, I find the desire to not include them in some of the decisions.  For example signing Renee up to go to an overnight at Camp War Eagle, know she would moan and complain.   I was anxious about telling her.   When I told her, I didn’t give her an opportunity to complain or attempt to debate why she shouldn’t have to do it.

Recently Renee had presented a power point presentation about BORNs experience.   The power point was about why she would like to go see BORNs in Tulsa with one of her close friends.  It was impressive and effective.  As soon as she began the power point, I knew I was going to say “yes” if the dates and expense were reasonable.   Once she presented the information,  I countered with some of my requests and requirements for Dad and I to agree.


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