50! 50!

Friends have blessed my life in the many ups and downs and all around. Fortunate are the ones who find friends that last for years, enter your home through the garage and feel like family. The kind of friends that time can pass between your visits but you are able to pick up like no time has passed.

Whether we are 15-33-50-64 or even 99!

Friends bring 50 ways to laugh, learn and love.

My friends are some of my favorite #faroutstars

As I consider ME!

It’s over a period of time as the self gradually evolves from one level of consciousness to another striving for authenticity and self autonomy. It’s the moment of choosing yourself! – lost and found betty jean Lifton

As I consider ME. What I want what I need. The emotions around motherhood. I am overwhelmed time and time again. Why is it. Is it because I am a women. Is it because I am a mom. Is it because I adopted. So much to consider. So hard to break the cycle of stuffing and ignoring my feelings and desires. They are all enmeshed discombobulated and scary. Understanding love and peace is what I long for. Will I continue to search and struggle with his forever. Oh my I hope not at this level.


“Grief on one shoulder, gratitude on the other”

Ann Patchett,

When parenting became a part of my life I often say d I didn’t know that their would be so much grief in parenting. For every step forward we must grief what has been lost. The small sweet fleeting moments. Sometimes wishing that they could stay the sweet young precious baby that life hasn’t taken hold of yet. Their innocence is so special. Their outlook their experiences are mostly positive and excited by the worlds around them.

I always liked to work with teenagers. When they were in the cusp of childhood innocence to adolescent angst. It often causes me to think of how we all want to remember that innocent happy feeling about the life. And we all long for it. The feelings of love protection excitement and strength to face whatever changes Les our way. Excited by the challenge.