My girls transformation happening before my eyes breaks my brain sometimes. In my head I think they are much younger. Then I see the. And realize that they don’t need their diapers changed, they can do so many things on their own now. They can even drive a car. Their needs are different now. They are transforming daily. Sometimes transformation is shuttle. Sometimes transformation is fast.

Renee has impressed me by self teaching herself special effects makeup. One great gift is the desire to learn and try things. When we are all younger fear has not crept into our hearts, minds and souls.

The joy a child has singing, dancing, trying new things with no fear is fantastic. I have often tried to explain or remind myself that we are really no different then we were when we were five.

Life happened and got inside of all of us. We experience amazing events and learn more and more each day. Our worlds expand. Unfortunately some of the knowledge brought anxieties and fears to me. These have kept me from being me at times. Kept me from experiencing life without angst. My goal is to find myself again. Show up for me! Model the person I am deep inside. So that my children will show up for themselves.

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