Fayetteville police officer ride along.

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When I was getting ready today my thoughts were new. As I dressed I thought of the uniform an officer wears everyday. In the mornings as I get ready for my day I have the freedom to pick what suits the day best depending on the weather, the tasks at hand and what will fit. If I am working outside I can dress accordingly. Meetings usually require less causal.

During my normal getting ready for the day I am often thinking of my tasks for the day. Prioritizing my responsibilities. Considering roadblocks they may alter my day and distract from what needs to get done.

As I prepared for my day to ride along with a police officer, I allowed myself to think what may go through officers minds as they ready for the day. Are they more apt to not think of the upcoming day as what may lie ahead. Knowing that their days unfold a variety of ways each day and must be prepared for whatever happens. They know their training, knowledge will give them the tools necessary to face their responsibilities. I imagine faith helps many of them to know that they have what it takes to serve our city each day.

The office I am riding with is Jonathan Harris. This stumbles me right off the bar. Because this officer is Pat to me. He is married to my niece. I have had the join of meeting him when he was young, seeing him fall in love with my precious niece. I remember when he enlisted into the military. Being so proud of him but scared for him as well.


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Learn more about joining the Fayetteville Police Department!

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